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S.D. Myers v. Canada

Type of decisionFinal Award concerning the apportionment of costs between the Disputing Parties
Date of decision30 December 2002
J. Martin Hunter (President)
Bryan P. Schwartz
Edward C. Chiasson
Legal instrumentNorth American Free Trade Agreement
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General statements regarding Article 40(1) UNCITRAL
In assessing the apportionment of costs according to Article 40(1) UNCITRAL, a tribunal may consider the parties’ conduct during the proceedings
Article 40(2) UNCITRAL stresses a tribunal’s discretion regarding the allocation of the costs of legal representation, where success of the party is just one determining factor
To determine the reasonableness of costs under Article 40(2) UNCITRAL, a tribunal does not need to second-guess decisions made between client and attorney


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