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Railroad Development Corporation v. Guatemala

Type of decisionAward
Date of decision29 June 2012
Andrés Rigo Sureda (President)
James R. Crawford
Samuel K.B. Asante
Legal instrumentDominican Republic – Central America Free Trade Agreement
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Customary international law does not require a state measure to be “egregious” in order to constitute an international delinquency
Applying strict standards of proof of customary international law, the Neer standard could not be proven to be an expression of customary international law
An expropriation requires a certain degree of interference with the investment; a substantial deprivation of the investor is necessary
If the tribunal found that respondent did not accord fair and equitable treatment to an investment, it does not need to examine whether there has also been a breach of the full protection and security standard
International and domestic law offer numerous mechanisms for preventing a possible double recovery of damages
The payment of the award may be conditional on the return of investment assets


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